Thursday, September 4, 2008

Banana Rat

GTMO is infested with Banana Rats. One might ask, what is a Banana Rat? Well, they are giant rats (about the size of a possum). Is GTMO really infested, you might ask? You bet your booty it's infested.  So infested you can kill them at will. You can stab them, shoot them, run them over with your car, hit them over the head with a bat. Well, you get the idea. They actually have a environmental guy here who's job it is to kill banana rats. If you are bored one night you can set up a tour de banana rat, bring all your friends. The professionals will take you out for a night of fun, frolic, and killing. Before you bleeding heart PETA folks get all upset you must realize what would happen if the numbers were not reduced. Banana Rats have no natural predators  and compete for the same natural resources as other animals here. They would overpopulate and exhaust resources necessary for the ecosystem. Then everyone would starve. Don't I sound smart?  

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