Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adventures with Nala

My dog Nala follows me wherever I go. She is stuck to me like glue. It's hard to take pictures sometimes when there is a dog face in every shot so I figured I would incorporate her into the shots. So let the adventures with Nala begin.

Remember this tree? The one that got an extreme haircut. Well with the help of lots of rain it's growing back quite nicely.   

We have a satellite here. It's much larger than we are used to. It took 3 grown men to lift it on the pole and install it. It's a heavy sucker. No, we are not supposed to have satellite and we had to do some shady things to get it, but hey, I need my TIVO and the NFL ticket. GO COWBOYS!
Remember the tree that blew over during hurricane Ike? Well, Jerry planted it in the backyard. I hope it lives. It's a nice addition to a blah patio area. 
Here is another shot of my favorite palm tree. My sister-in-law named it Tina. Why Tina, do you ask? Well, It survived Ike. 
Not everything survived Ike. Like this banana tree. Poor thing.
Some of my banana trees were all blow apart and some had little or no damage. 
I hope you enjoyed adventures with Nala. I know I did.


Mark and Sally Salmons said...

She's so pretty...miss you guys!

Bill, Shannon & Maddie said...

i'm loving "Adventures w/Nala"! thanks for the show!