Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Iguana in the backyard

Iguanas can run really fast. I think of this every time I'm creeping up to one to get a close up photograph. This Iguana is huge, and dumb. She really likes our backyard even though there are two dogs ready to kill her every time she digs in. This particular afternoon we let the dogs out not realizing she was in the yard. The video is not great and shaky but it will give you an idea how fast they are. Jerry is holding Nala so I can chase the Iguana back down the hole.


Anonymous said...

Do they have iguana races there? Mom

Mary in MN said...

Do you feed the dogs in the back yard? Iguanas love dog food. It may be the lure that keeps it coming back. Even if it just got food once, they remember where the free food is and keep coming back. I don't recommend feeding marshmallows, either. It was funny at first but they hung around for more than a month, waiting for more. Mary in MN

john said...

iguanas are definitely not dumb... They have comparable intelligence to dogs and cats. There is a reason it keeps coming back into your yard.