Thursday, September 11, 2008

After the Storm

Here is the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. All in all GTMO suffered little damage. Just lots of branches and street signs blown down. The storm hit us in the middle of the night and the sound of the wind was amazing. I would doze in and out throughout the night. While awake would listen to the wind and a very irritated toad (Jerry calls him Hypno-Toad because the dogs are mesmerized by him) outside under our window.  The dogs didn't seem to care and slept undisturbed all night. We did lose this palm in the front of the house but I didn't care. Its not my favorite palm.

But this one is. I just love this palm tree.
As you can see the patio is rather dirty from downed branches. We will clean it up this weekend. 
Why yes, I am enjoying my new job. Thanks for asking. The office staff is great and I feel like this is something I could do for years to come. 

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