Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Part of the thrill of living in Cuba are all the reptiles that crawl or slither into the yard. I love this little guy. He hangs out under what used to be my tree in the backyard. He is a Ameiva. He has a beautiful bright blue tail. The picture doesn't do it justice.

One day I let Nala, our dog, in the backyard and she starts making this terrible barking noise. I ran outside and she is chasing this poor Iguana down the yard. Just so you know Iguanas can run really really really fast. She had dug under the fence and let herself in. I tried to lure her out of the yard with apples.  I think she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because she didn't want the apples and hid behind the shed for about an hour. She finally left down the hole she came in on. I know you are wondering how I know the Iguana is a "she." Well, females don't have spines on top of their heads and this one was bald.

I love this weird little guy. He visits me every morning while I sit at my computer. He is a Cuban Green Anole.  
I am a screamer and from time to time the neighbors get a taste of my high pitched voice. Especially when I almost stepped on this Cuban Racer. 

On a side note I am flying to Target today, I mean Florida, to meet up with my two crazy girlfriends. I wont be posting until the weekend. I also finally got a job with Family Services which will start as soon as I get back from my trip. I see lots of shopping in my future.  

I want to send out a big thank you to Hurricane Gustav for wrecking my vacation plans. All flights were grounded today so I am home online shopping hoping to heal the pain. It's not working.

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Mark and Sally Salmons said...

No worries Dana...hurricane season will not last forever. We will have a "do-over".