Thursday, August 21, 2008

Conch Ceviche

When you pull a conch out of the sea it doesn't come out all beautiful and ready to display on the mantle. It's usually looks like this or even worse. It's not an easy task to clean and normally I would have taken it to one of the Filipinos, but Jerry wanted to try cleaning it out ourselves. Also, we succeeded at pulling out the conch without damaging the shell.
We started by pouring some liquid plumber into a pail and adding some water.

After lots of scrubbing this is what you get. This is actually a very colorful conch. The most colorful we have found so far.

Does that make you ooh and ahh?

If you're wondering what we did with the conch, well, we ate it. Jerry made Conch Ceviche, a Latin dish served cold. You don't cook the conch instead you let it sit in lime juice and let the acid in the juice cook it.

It was very good but I'm still having a hard time eating it. They really look like a giant snail. Plus Jerry had it sitting on the table, before we put it in the fridge and killed it, and it came out and was looking at me. I felt bad for the slimy critter.

I might as well get used to eating the stuff. My husband LOVES it.

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