Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stop in the name of the law

The Naval Security Force pulled me over and threatened to tow my car. I missed a turn and thought a U-turn was harmless and executed the maneuver. The Navy police thought differently and were even less pleased when I did not have my license, registration, insurance, or base identification card. I was like, “hey man, I was at the beach and I’m new here and I don’t know the rules.” They allowed me to drive to the house and show them the documentation. My insurance card expired four days ago and I had not received the new ones. They were nice and let me go with a warning. My evening ended with a steaks and beer event for the Marines. A fabulous Irish former Marine named Seamus goes all over the world and brings hundreds of steaks to feed the Marines. He also raises money for wounded Marines. He lives at Gettysburg, PA and does big functions for the wounded Veterans at his home. It was a wonderful event. We brought Turbo, our Bulldog, for the Marines to enjoy. This place is small. The lady that pulled me over was at the event. Her boss was there as well and wanted to know the whole situation. She told me that normally I would have lost driving privileges for a month. I will be more careful from now on. Below you will see some photos I took at the beach before I almost got arrested. Can you find the crab?

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Amy in Dallas said...

I love this Dana, great idea! I want to see some pics of you & Jerry! Amy:)