Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Calamine take me away

Talitridae (order Amphipoda), otherwise know as the sand flea, is reeking havoc on my arms and legs. They live in the sand at the beach and bite away as you bask in the beautiful sun. A few days later tiny bumps start to form and then they begin to itch. A few hours later you itch so badly that you scratch until you bleed.

I was not sure what was going on. I didn’t want to pull down my pants to show people so I took some pictures. I thought you might enjoy them as well. You will have to excuse my pasty white legs. I am the whitest girl on the island. Also, I am holding the camera at a really weird angle so I know my leg looks like a ham hock. The last picture is after I applied calamine cream all over them. One of the ladies I met at the housing office knew what they were. I am relieved I don’t have the mumps or some other type of exotic disease. Jerry’s change of command is on Friday. It’s this super important ceremony, I guess, where Jerry takes over as Commander. I was planning to wear this really cute skirt that my Mom bought me. That is totally out of the question now.

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