Friday, May 9, 2008

Iguana be in pictures

Day five on the Island and I’m feeling fine. My dance card is filling up fast. In fact, I bought a day planner so I don’t forget anything. I’m heading to the beach this morning with some of the wives. I guess it’s not a great time to swim due to the microscopic jelly fish. The sand fleas will also probably attack me. I am told if you spray a mixture of vinegar and water that will stop the itching. As a bonus I will smell divine.

Iguanas cover this entire island. For the first couple of days I didn’t see any. I pulled my car over to get this shot.
I jumped about 10 feet when I heard something large in the bush right next to me. Giant snake, run, was my initial thought. I was relieved when this happy little fellow came scampering out.
So here is my first Iguana sighting. I have probably seen about 20 so far. They are everywhere.

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