Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shoe Crab

We finally got our house. I am one happy camper. Our household goods will be delivered on Monday. The last time I slept in my bed was March 17th. I miss my bed. This is a picture looking into the living room from the kitchen. It’s a huge house, three bedroom two bath, built in the 1940s. It still has the original Cuban tile. The living and dining room have the green tile and the bedrooms have similar yellow tile. All the hardware on the doors is original. I think it’s about 2000 feet. Jerry said we should leave the living room empty and we could play racquetball in there.
I am waiting on a friend of mine to call and then we are going to hit the beach. I gathered all my beach necessities up and found a surprise hiding in my beach shoe. I’m guessing you have already figured out that there are crabs all over the place. The land crabs, the big ones, like to run across the road and get ran over. You have to be careful because they will puncture your tires. They come out after it rains. The roads look like one big crab massacre right now.

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