Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Independence Day

We went to the Philippine Independence Day celebration last night. The local Filipinos served traditional Filipino food followed by a cultural presentation. The food was served buffet style and guests ate under big tents. The food was great but it was hot and biting bugs went to work on us right away. Since it such a warm night and we were out in the heat I drank a lot of water. The food was amazing and but the show lasted two and a half hours with no intermission. Yep, we sat on the front row as honored guests; I should not have drunk so much water. 

This photo is of their national dance, a cool stick dance where they moved the two bamboo poles up and down and side to side, slamming the sticks down and then together making a loud rhythmic noise while two dancers would gracefully dance in and out of the sticks timed so as not to have an ankle crushed. The MC announced that they wanted audience participation so they grabbed Jerry and I, to my dismay. The dance looked much easier when the Filipino dancers performed, not the easiest dance for us to do. I was just hopping around like an idiot trying not to get smacked in the ankle by a moving pole. As I was doing this I must have been flailing my arms for balance and punched Jerry right in the jaw in front of 300 to 400 people. Embarrassing.

 Here are a couple more photos from the show. I am thankful they wore boxer shorts under their loincloths. 



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