Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feeding the fish

The nice thing about GTMO is the incredible sea life. Nothing is over fished and there are many reefs teaming with eel, turtles, and colorful fish. After taking the dogs to the park, to run off some of their steam, we decided to hit one of the beaches popular with snorkelers. The sea was a bit rough but the underwater views were incredible. We saw a small turtle that Jerry decided to swim down and investigate. He scared it off. We saw lots and lots of fish. We were about half hour out when I felt a funny sensation. I popped my head out of the water, spit out my snorkel, and began puking. Apparently all the bobbing up and down with the waves made me seasick. Jerry was sweet and supportive as always. He said, “we need to get back now, let’s go.” I said, hey do you mind if I stop puking first?” He said, “no we need to go now.”  He was right and I felt better after I put the snorkel back in and started swimming. It was a long 30 minutes back to the beach. 

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shannon said...

I can't believe how many cool things you've already gotten to see & do!!! It looks absolutely beautiful there!