Saturday, June 21, 2008

All moved in

We are all moved in and all the boxes are unpacked. This house is so big that it would take many more pieces of furniture to fill it.  There is also lots of echo.  I measured and the ceilings are 11 feet high. You can see the very large ladder in the background. That is what I need to hang some of the artwork.  The dogs love the house. They stay very busy laying in the sun and hunting lizards. 

I bought this very old, very ugly, dining room table with six chairs that will go where the dogs are sitting. I am going to have one of the Jamaican dudes refinish it for me. It's solid wood. I got it for 65 bucks and I'm told it will cost about 100 bucks to have it redone. You can have things done here very inexpensively. 100 dollars to a Jamaican is a ton of money. I will show you the after photo when it is done. I plan to have it stained a nice dark chocolate brown.

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