Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

So today is Christmas and it's glorious and warm. We woke up, opened gifts and took Nala on a hour walk. Yesterday for Christmas Eve we rented a boat and took the dogs out for some fun & relaxation. The bay was calm and beautiful.

Turbo is a born water dog. He loves the water. Unfortunately is sinks after a few seconds of swimming.

I saw about a dozen sting ray. These two followed me down the beach for several minutes. I think they were as curious of us as we were of them.

The bay has been full of jelly fish the last few months. This trip there had less but a few washed up on shore. Turbo had to investigate.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you are not cold.


Bill Lewis said...

One of my father's most fiendish Christmas delights when we lived in Gitmo was to call the relatives in the Northeast and tell them we were at the cabana at beach. He would call us out of the water to wish everyone stateside "Merry Christmas!" He never got tired of doing it!

Ah, the joys of a warm December on base. Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

My husband and I have been reading your blog since we will be moving to Gitmo Jan 2011. I wanted to email you but couldn't find a link for your email address. I have some questions for you about the initial move and would love it if you could email me at Thanks very much,

Danaham said...

Randi, if you leave your email in the comments section I will reply to you. The message will come to my privite email first and I will not publish it for the public to see.