Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day or Bust

Today we kayaked to Hicacal, once again, to get some exercise and find nice shells.

This is the best place for shells. We never go home empty handed. 

The bright orange shells are called fighting conch. They are my favorite. 

This is a crab.

This is a jellyfish. 

This is a crab eating a jellyfish.

This is another crab eating another jellyfish. 

Yet another jellyfish being devoured. 

Are you beginning to see a pattern?

Two crabs fighting over a jellyfish. I'm telling you it was a total blood bath. Only Jellyfish don't have blood. 

This one was lucky enough to get away. Unfortunately, he got away by washing up on shore.  Doh!

Today I saw two sting rays, countless crabs, hundreds of jellyfish, lots of fish, and four dolphins. All and all, not a bad day.

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Barbara Ricker said...

Oh man, absolutely fantastic! I want to come back for another visit ;-)