Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Banana Watch - Day 79

This bunch of bananas is taking its sweet time. Come on already.  So now we have a problem. A big problem. A problem so big my hopes and dreams of delicious banana creations may come to an end. 

Jerry and I decided to have lunch at the house this afternoon. Just prior a nice thunder storm rolled through bringing high winds and rain. We were sitting at the dining table, as proper people do at lunch, and Jerry looked out and noticed this terrible site. 

It looks as though it is barely hanging on. The problem is the banana tree has fallen onto another banana tree, crushing it. We really need to chop down the banana tree to save the other. But those beautiful bananas would have to be picked prematurely and ripen off the vine. 

Even Turbo is dismayed. 


Anonymous said...

I've bought greener bananas than that at the store. Hope they are wonderful. Mom

John said...

I wish I had your backyard so I could grow things again. I live at Villimar, and sun is blocked by a retaining wall, trees, and the house. I miss the heirloom tomatoes I grew back in the states.