Monday, July 6, 2009

Lessons not learned or Oops I did it again

You would think that I learned my lesson. You would think the memory of scratching until I bled, sleepless nights, applying and reapplying ointments would make me more careful. Apparently I forgot all this pain and ventured out of the house in shorts, at dusk. Yes, I was wearing bug spray but No-See-Ums (sand fleas) laugh in the face of deet. Again, I am covered in bites. From my neck all the way down my body. 

We are getting ready to leave for Puerto Rico this week. I have all my shorts packed for the trip. Now I'm afraid I will scare the people of Puerto Rico with my quarter sized oozing welts covering my body. But you can't go on vacation and wear long pants the entire time. The good people of PR will just have to suffer. 

Another perk of living on GTMO is the easy access to Puerto Rico. We are so excited to experience a new culture. I am ready to shop. They have a 6 story mall. Yes, 6 STORIES!!!! Oh Happy day. I will update as soon as I get back. 

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