Sunday, July 5, 2009


I enjoy getting comments on this blog and am delighted that many of my readers are former residents of Guantanamo Bay.  I would like to share some comments and expand on them a little bit. 

Bill Lewis said....

Are the big bleachers still at the NAS movie? That used to be the largest outdoor theater in the world in the 60's.

Yes Bill, they are. I don't recommend sitting on them for long periods of time or your behind will be really sore. I Googled to see if it was still was the largest in the world and didn't find anything. 

Anita Lewis Isom said......

When I last lived in Gitmo from 84--86 up at Corinaso Point in a Burns and Roe trailer - we had an iguana named Stubby that lived outside our trailer. I do not know if she is still there or not but the one in your pic sure looks like her!

There are actually several Iguanas running around GTMO that have no tails. I think it's a combination of bad drivers and that fact Iguanas love to sun tan in the middle of the road. 


Nee Nee said........


All the years I lived in Gitmo and I never ate those crabs - didn't know we could!! Squished a lot coming across Sherman Avenue - but never ate them.

Well Nee Nee, I think people will eat almost anything. They are supposed to be rather tasty. I still have issues with eating things I have seen alive so the crabs in my yard are safe.  Crab road kill is still a problem here. Especially when it rains. They will puncture your tires if you're not careful. 


Anonymous said.........

Hello My husband and I were stationed there in 75-77. I have no idea what your bottle is. We have been trying to find out for years for we have several bottles we also found when they were digging the new ferry landings. One lady found bottles that they figure Columbus dropped. It was a rare jewel. Is the old sucken ship still behind East Bargo? Is the auto dump yard still Sears and Roebucks? Cubans still worked on the base when we were there. there were some Cuban families that lived in trailers near the commissary, if it is still in the same place. Thanks for taking me down memory lane, it was wonderful!

Why thank you Anonymous. I still have no idea where this bottle came from. We have found dozens but it's still my favorite. Yes, the old sunken ship is still behind East Bargo. The auto dump yard is now run by Burns and Roe. There are many Cuban still living on base. They are now in regular housing in the Bargo area. They are getting very elderly and many of them are living in houses converted into nursing homes. Several have passed away in the year we have been here. It is a joy to see them out in the community. It must be incredibly hard to know your family is right across the fence but you will never get to go home and see them. 


Anonymous said...

I am in fact the guy who was nailed by that shark. So there are no discrepancies, it was a bull shark, around eight feet long. Although my leg is pretty chewed up I did not lose half my calf. Last point: one can theorize all they want, or read all they can, but until it happens, no one knows what they would do if in a similar situation. Thank you for your time

I am very happy you did not lose your calf. I got another comment from another shark survivor and thought I would share. Hope you are healing up well. 

Thanks for posting information on the shark incident. 

My name is Al Brenneka and I run a online shark attack file and a support group for other shark attack survivors like myself. 
We are interested in learning more about the shark incident you wrote about. You can visit us at Please use the contact us form with any further info or post it here.

Al Brenneka

Mary in MN said...

I just fell upon your blog by doing a search for banana rat. I was stationed at Gitmo 15 years ago. Wow, what a blast from the past!!! I LOVED the time I spent there. I was telling my son stories of Cuba and he wanted to know what a banana rat looked like. That's how I ended up on your blog. I really hope you can find the good times among the restrictions of being on such a small post. Do I ever remember the 'it's on the barge'! 

I'm glad you are enjoying my blog Mary. It's been lots of fun for me as well. Yes, we still hear it's on the barge more than we would like. For those of you that don't know pretty much everything comes in on the barge. From toilet paper to socks it all comes in on the barge. If they are out of something at the Commissary you can't just run down to Wal-Mart and pick it up. You just have to wait until the next barge comes in. It's a trade off for living on this fabulous island. It's a trade off I'm willing to accept. 

Thank you all for your comments. I enjoy getting them. I now have over 11000 hits on my blog. I never in a million year thought I would have so many readers. Of course many of them are from the middle east and the rest are from my Mom.  I will leave you with a few more pretty GTMO photos.


Angela said...

Hey there!

My husband and I love your blog and visit often. We're actually hoping to get stationed on GTMO in another year or two. *fingers crossed*

I noticed that it gets pretty hot down there. How is your bulldog handling it? We have two bullies of our own and I just worry that they'll have a hard time adjusting to the heat.

Nee Nee said...

Thank you so much for your blog! I am Nee Nee and Anita - don't know why it is showing up both ways. I look at your blog each and every day and love your pics and going down memory lane! Keep posting!


Danaham said...

Hi Angela. We keep our bull dog in the house during the day while we are working. We make sure we don't take him out in the heat of the day. Winters are not that hot, it's just summer time where we are more careful when we go out with him. When it is warm outside we take them to the beach where the water will keep him cool. Make sure you get them life vests if you do come. Where are you now?