Saturday, June 20, 2009

Banana Watch 2009 - Day 11

When I came up with the brilliant idea for Banana Watch 2009 I had big plans. I would take daily photos for a couple of weeks, pick the bananas, and share the unique way we used them in a recipe. What I didn't realize is bananas take two or three months to ripen. I have no intention of taking daily photos weeks on end of these slow growing bananas. So, here is the new plan. I will post new photos if there are any significant changes.

These two photos were taken this morning from the safety of my living room. The mosquitoes are beyond terrible right now.   I'm impressed how well they turned out. My living room window is REALLY dirty. 

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Mark J said...

Pretty pix--it looks! (Say--how do the Marines cope with all those mosquitos?)