Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Banana Watch 2009 - Day 1

I know it has been a long time between posts. I have been off Island for a week and playing catch-up this week.

When I returned on Saturday I noticed something wrong with one of our banana trees. It appeared to have a strange growth attached to it. I soon realized that growth was the beginning stage of a bunch of bananas. I'm so excited. I will be posting photos as the bananas grow. 

So let Banana Watch 2009 begin!


Bill Lewis said...

My father would order things from his brother in San Juan to grow in our yards. First in Central Bargo, then in Nob Hill and finally in Paola Point. We had some of the best Mangos, limes, grapes and coconuts around. Some experiments like the pineapples would not take but just about everything else did. I still remember five pound avocados that they would just give away because they did not know what to do with them!

Bill Lewis said...

Ya know you cut the banana plant after it produces and more grow up from the roots. You will have a "grove" before you know it.