Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's eating the Aloe?

Something is eating my Aloe.  You can clearly see the bite marks in my poor Aloe Vera. 

Ah ha! I wasn't sure if it was a Banana Rat or an Iguana but I think I have my answer. 

Wipe that smile off your face Iguana. It's not funny. What am I supposed to do if I get a sun burn?

That's better.

I know I'm not supposed to feed the Iguana but I couldn't help seeing if she liked grapes.  She did. 

 I wish we could let her hang out but the dogs would have her for breakfast.  Jerry finally got her out of the yard. I found the hole where she got in and plugged it up.  

Just another day in GTMO. 


Mark J said...

What gets me is how the critters around here manage to eat thorny, prickley CACTUS! You'd think those varmints would get thorns stuck in their mouths and then starve to death because they couldn't eat. Nope!

Ron & Helene said...

I vote Banana Rat!! They ate EVERYTHING in my yard! My aloe, Areca palms, cactus, bananas and banana trees included! Fearless little things! I hate em!

Ron & Helene said...

p.s. Dana, Thanks so much for your incredible pics! We enjoy them so much.

Bill Lewis said...

There used to be an iguana at the CPO club that everyone fed with beer soaked bread. It would be there every night as we would all gather for the movie and then after eating, waddle haphazardly to the cliff and jump off into the ocean. It was a weekly ritual!