Thursday, May 7, 2009

The way things are

I have had quite a few comments from people who once lived in Guantanamo Bay. I added these photos for all those people. This is how the base looks today.

This is the Downtown Theater. Movies are shown 7 days a week. This is also the spot where bands play.

We have a free car wash that I need to visit more often.

We have a wonderful bowling alley. Jerry even plays on a bowling league. They are not half bad. They are not half good either. They were in last place last week.

The Windjammer pool has 5 water slides and a climbing wall.

This is one of the award winning galleys. They just won some huge award this year. The food is fantastic. We probably eat there at least 5 times a week.

Our Commissary and Exchange are in the same building. You can buy plant fertilizer and groceries at the same time.

This is our brand new state of the art football field, soccer field, and track.

Right next door is the brand new baseball fields.

Most neighborhoods have brand new covered play grounds. This is the one right in front of our house. We don't have many kids in our neighborhood so It's rarely used. I take the dogs over to play every now and then. You should see Nala go down the slide, It's hilarious.


Nee Nee said...

Thank you so much for posting the pics - wow - there are a lot of changes since I was last there in 86 - and from the 60's and 70's!! Love your blog and look at you pics all the time!!! Thank you again!

Anita Lewis Isom

Bill Lewis said...

Are the big bleachers still at the NAS movie? That used to be the largest outdoor theater in the world in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

wow ... I was stationed there back in 2003. I see some great changes have been made. Looks beautiful! I have some great memories there. Seeing these pics makes me miss it so much!!! I hear they have a Starbucks there now. Awesome! Wish I could visit.