Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shark Attack

While spear fishing in GTMO it's always a good idea to remove the fish from the water immediately to avoid being bitten by  barracuda or  shark. You see, critters like barracuda and shark are drawn to bloody things.  So this weekend GTMO had the first shark attack ever recorded. Poor fellow lost his calf muscle. I swear I will not get back in the water even if I have something as small as a paper cut. Better safe than sorry.
This shark is one of two sharks the Marines have caught in the past couple of weeks. Jerry is thrilled. He loves shark meat. I haven't eaten any yet. I'm afraid I will eat some and then go to the beach and somehow the sharks will know what I have done. Again better safe than sorry. 


sharkbait said...


Thanks for posting information on the shark incident.

My name is Al Brenneka and I run a online shark attack file and a support group for other shark attack survivors like myself.

We are interested in learning more about the shark incident you wrote about.

You can visit us a

Please use the contact us form with any further info or post it here.

Al Brenneka

Cameron said...

was definitely out near hospital cay when this happened. thanks for posting about it.

Anonymous said...

I am in fact the guy who was nailed by that shark. So there are no discrepancies, it was a bull shark, around eight feet long. Although my leg is pretty chewed up I did not lose half my calf. Last point: one can theorize all they want, or read all they can, but until it happens, no one knows what they would do if in a similar situation. Thank you for your time

Anonymous said...
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