Friday, December 19, 2008

Tis the season

I have never been to so many parties, in the span of one month, in my entire life. GTMO knows how to party. I have already been to a street parade, boat parade, and several holiday functions. I was actually in a boat for the boat parade with the cast of the TV show Army Wives. I went on a tour of homes where you get to snoop in other people's houses and they even give you food and drink while you are eyeballing their pretty holiday decorations. What a hoot. I just returned from our work party at the beach. We have two more parties to attend and then we are all finished...... I think. We head for Virginia next to spend New Years with our good friends and the most beautiful one year old on the planet. He just happens to be our God Baby and again the most beautiful thing on two legs. Here are a few pictures from the boat parade and some shots I took at our holiday party this afternoon.

This was one of the boats in the boat parade.

Shots from the beach this afternoon.


Mark and Sally Salmons said...

that's awesome!! I think he reminds me of Mark (the character he plays). He's super southern, drives a big pick up truck and is just super conservative. Love the pictures...have fun in VA! You deserve a getaway!

Mark J said...

The beach pictures are pretty. you'd never know it's winter. You guys need some snow! Maybe in Virginia?