Friday, December 26, 2008

O Cay

Today, the day after Christmas, I usually shop until I drop. I stock up on all of next years Holiday items like wrapping paper, ribbon, and decorations. In GTMO there are no stores unless you count the Navy Exchange. The Exchange has few decorations and terrible wrapping paper that rips while wrapping. So, no shopping for me the day after Christmas. I will kayak instead.

We are off to an island in the middle of the bay called Hospital Cay. So named when a British man-of-war used it for isolation and treatment of yellow fever victims in 1854. Jerry and I chose a two person Kayak.

These are my legs and my favorite blue Crocks. Hospital Cay is the land you see straight ahead.

We finally made it to the Cay. The water was very choppy making it difficult to row. We climbed to the top of the Island and I got this nice shot.
Later the Cay became a coal station to fuel coal-powered ships. Guantanamo Bay is full of old battleship moorings where ships tied off while waiting their turn to resupply coal at this pier.

It was a windy day today. Perfect for sailing. Not so perfect for kayaking but we still had a great time.


Unclean said...

The Answer: 1
The Question: "Name the number of times that Jerry has willingly allowed a serious photograph taken of him." (1996, in the training area North of Amarillo)

Mark J said...

If you would have been home here in the desert on Christmas and mounted a sail on a skateboard, you would have gone flying down the highway! Quite windy.