Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving was really nice. We decided to break the tradition and have smoked duck. Jerry has a talent for smoking meat and it was delicious. We invited some Marines that work out at the detention center. We had three Captains and a LtCol. The highlight of the event was when Turbo walked under the table and began to pee on the rug right next to the LtCol's foot. This is something he has never done. We can only figure he was mad we locked him up during dinner. After I cleaned up the mess we all went outside to show them our backyard. Turbo walked over and started to pee on the sidewalk next to the LtCol again. I really don't know what got into the little fellow but he sure embarrassed me.

1 comment:

Mark J said...

Sounds like Turbo had it in for N-E-1 who outranked Jerry. (I noticed Turbo didn't pee near any of the captains' feet!) Maybe it's time Jerry was promoted to Lt.Col.