Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunday Drive

Jerry worked on Sunday morning and I had Brunch with the Marine wives. When we finally both came home we were bored and decided to take a Sunday drive. So we headed out to explore the island. We came across the GTMO Lighthouse took a few pictures and headed out again. We saw some really cool things, but if I told you about it I would have to kill you.  I'm totally kidding. Our dive didn't take very long. This place is really small and seems to be getting smaller by the day. Is that a symptom of island fever? Jerry suggested scuba diving to improve my bad mood. I guess I forgot to mention I was in a foul mood and what I really wanted was to shop at Target followed by a hot coffee at Starbucks followed by a pedicure. So we hit the dive shop. grabbed our gear, and headed to the beach. Jerry is a great scuba diver. When we decided to start our dive he was already at the bottom and I was still looking for the button to deflate my vest. He is like a sea monkey. I would look over and he would be standing on his head smiling at me.  I let him navigate. I left the dive in a great mood.

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johnson said...

Hello Dana- I tried to call you today and when I couldn't reach you I called your parents house. I spoke with your dad for awhile. Talk about shocked!! I can't believe you are in Cuba.WOW. I have really enjoyed your pictures and informantion on your blog. It is very informative and interesting. You sound like your having fun. Who wouldn't. sun, sand, water, scuba diving... sounds like a 2 year vacation. We are all doing great, enjoying our summer vacation. Teressa comes in 2 weeks, can't wait to see her. Take care and lets stay in touch.
Kim Johnson