Monday, July 21, 2008

Hola, Fidel y Raul, Part II

This is the Northeast Gate. The only way into Communist Cuba. Before Fidel thousands of Cuban workers passed through the gates each day. After Fidel the original workers could still work on base but no new workers were permitted into GTMO.  These workers are very elderly now and there are only a few. This article is so interesting. It goes into the history of the Northeast Gate. It is really amazing how the Cubans and Marines would harass each other.

This is where the Cuban workers would enter GTMO

This is the building where the Marines would sleep. The fencing to the left of the photo was put up when the Cubans would throw rocks on the tin roof and keep the Marines awake. After the fence was put up the Cubans would hang coat hangers with wind chimes to keep the Marines awake. The Marines put up barbed wire. Then the Cubans used a big spotlight to shine in the windows of the building. The Marines put up a big tent and built the giant Marine symbol, where you now see the eagle, globe, and anchor. After 30 days of work the Cubans turned on the spotlight and Marines removed the tent. When the Cubans realized they were lighting up the Marine symbol they turned off the spotlight. The Marines built there own lighting to keep the eagle, globe, and anchor lit up. 
After Fidel Castro Accused GTMO of stealing water the CO of the base ordered the water line cut to prove the pipe was dry. He did this in front of the media. 
This was an embarassment to Fidel.

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Mark J said...

Fun pictures, guys! Most of us never get to see or hear about things like this!

-Mark & Ruth, YV