Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The final post

I guess it's pretty clear to my readers that I no longer live in Cuba. I will keep the blog up but will not be making anymore posts. I have enjoyed all of your feedback and comments. For those of you getting ready to move to GTMO get ready for an amazing experience. GTMO is a place like no other. Beautiful water and incredible people. My only words of advice are WATCH OUT FOR THE NO-SEE-UMS!

Here are a few final photos of things I miss. Enjoy!

Majestic scenery.

The ferry.


Pretty flowers.

Boat rides with the kids.

Brilliant cloud formations.

Wonderful galley food.
Picking up sea glass. That's my Dad.

Events like the cardboard boat regatta.

Fresh mango right off the trees.

Bottle hunting.

Weird Cactus

White sandy beaches, Ha! (inside joke)

Warm water all year round.
But most of all we will miss our friends we made along the way.

Time to start a new chapter. So long.......

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

GTMO Animal Adventure

Jerry and I decided to take the day off to recover from a busy weekend and Super-bowl party. It was another glorious sunny day so we rented a boat and took off for new adventures on the bay.

We discovered a new inlet and decided to park and check it out.

I have never seen this cactus before. They were really beautiful and reminded me of growing up in Arizona.

As we walked through a dry lake bed there were all kinds of animal tracks. Wild dog tracks.

Not sure what made these weird tracks.

Deer tracks.

Lots of deer tracks. So Jerry was on a quest to follow the tracks and hunt down the deer.

As Jerry and I were following the tracks I noticed what appeared to be a brown butt peering through the cactus.

"Hey honey," I said. "Why don't you be a dear, take the camera and climb into the cactus and get me a better shot." Being the cooperative sort he braved his way through the thorny brush to get these amazing photos.

Getting these shots is very exciting for two reasons. First, these rats are nocturnal and you rarely see them in the day time. Second, it's sitting in a cactus. A very giant prickly cactus. You would think he would find something more comfortable to sleep in.

We finally found our deer.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

So today is Christmas and it's glorious and warm. We woke up, opened gifts and took Nala on a hour walk. Yesterday for Christmas Eve we rented a boat and took the dogs out for some fun & relaxation. The bay was calm and beautiful.

Turbo is a born water dog. He loves the water. Unfortunately is sinks after a few seconds of swimming.

I saw about a dozen sting ray. These two followed me down the beach for several minutes. I think they were as curious of us as we were of them.

The bay has been full of jelly fish the last few months. This trip there had less but a few washed up on shore. Turbo had to investigate.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you are not cold.