Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The final post

I guess it's pretty clear to my readers that I no longer live in Cuba. I will keep the blog up but will not be making anymore posts. I have enjoyed all of your feedback and comments. For those of you getting ready to move to GTMO get ready for an amazing experience. GTMO is a place like no other. Beautiful water and incredible people. My only words of advice are WATCH OUT FOR THE NO-SEE-UMS!

Here are a few final photos of things I miss. Enjoy!

Majestic scenery.

The ferry.


Pretty flowers.

Boat rides with the kids.

Brilliant cloud formations.

Wonderful galley food.
Picking up sea glass. That's my Dad.

Events like the cardboard boat regatta.

Fresh mango right off the trees.

Bottle hunting.

Weird Cactus

White sandy beaches, Ha! (inside joke)

Warm water all year round.
But most of all we will miss our friends we made along the way.

Time to start a new chapter. So long.......


Terie said...

Dana, do you realize that I did not know this was your blog? Didn't even connect the fact that the dogs, hello, living right down the street. So I'm an airhead. I have one last picture for you that I think you needed for the last part of this last post. Will email it shortly. We miss you and wish we had more time together here in GTMO! Enjoy your new home. I hope to see you soon ;-)

Andy in San Diego and Elsewhere said...

Thanks for this. I got to visit Gitmo twice while my wife was stationed there (she PCSs in late Aug) and really did like visiting there. Your pics and stories helped me stay in touch with Gitmo and in a respect, her.

voip services said...

Enjoy your new home. said...

These are just amazing! Thank you for sharing a piece of the world some people will never get to see.

You are appreciated, thanks for sharing.